NHL looking to NBA, NFL and MLB for CBA guidance


Noteworthy tweet from TSN’s Darren Dreger, who reports that the NHL Board of Governors is discussing the recently negotiated CBAs of the NBA, NFL and MLB in today’s meetings in Pebble Beach.

We wondered a few weeks ago if the NHL might look to the NBA for CBA ideas. Specifically, we wondered about the so-called “amnesty clause,” which allows each team to rid itself of one bad contract. The team is still responsible for paying the player’s salary, but the cap hit is gone.

That would be a minor detail though. There are bigger things to take from the NBA’s deal.

ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun predicted last week that, like the NBA managed to do, “the NHL will try to reduce the players’ share from the current 57 percent to below 50 percent. That’s the most direct and impactful way of minimizing player costs in the next CBA. The NBA deal’s limit on term for contracts will also interest NHL owners.”