Launching pad: Fistric to meet with Shanahan for Niederreiter hit


Mark Fistric is going to make sure Brendan Shanahan stays extra busy while in Pebble Beach for the Board of Governors meeting.

Fistric has a phone hearing with Shanahan on Tuesday to discuss his hit on Islanders forward Nino Niederreiter that put him out of action with a concussion. As TSN’s Bob McKenzie clarifies, Fistric’s hearing will be to talk about him leaving his feet to make a hit not because he connected with Niederreiter’s head.

A phone hearing means that Fistric would, at most, see a five-game suspension if Shanahan sees fit to do so.

Whether you think Fistric left his feet or if you believe he came off his feet as a result of delivering a brutal check depends on whether you’re a Stars fan or not. To this untrained eye it appears that Fistric leaves his feet just before delivering the hit. That’s why we’re not referees though and breaking down a hit in slow motion can make figuring things out a lot more difficult rather than making it easier.