Joe Thornton is a classy guy


Blues fans don’t care much for Joe Thornton. He was the guy responsible for knocking David Perron out for over a year, after all.

Thornton’s brutal check to Perron after exiting the penalty box last season put Perron down on the ice and infuriated Blues fans. Thornton was suspended two games for the blindside check, but fan memories being as long as they are, the hard feelings took a while to dissipate.

Fast forward to today and Perron’s return to action with St. Louis, Thornton went out of his way to wish Perron well upon his comeback and it was Perron sharing that information with us all via Twitter.


Thornton might still catch grief from Blues fans for the unfortunate situation with Perron, but with Perron back on the ice and bygones apparently being bygones, it’s good to see these guys put it aside to root each other on.