For Dale Hunter, it’s a work in progress getting Caps to rebound


They never said it was going to be easy in Washington. For Dale Hunter, taking over a team that had lost its way is proving to be bumpy right off the bat.

Last night’s 2-1 loss to the Penguins was especially hard as the Penguins essentially played keep-away with the puck over the final five minutes while the Caps spent all their energy chasing them around. As the Caps players said to’s Chuck Gormley, the results will come but they won’t be instantaneous.

Hunter says the fixes are coming in their new system.

“They are learning a new system but we have to be a little more quicker in our own end. We’re spending too much time and it wears down our offense,” Hunter said.

The offense is worn out to the point of generating just 36 shots in two games under Hunter. The Caps will get things right under Hunter come hell or high water, but for now it’s all about learning on the fly. It might hurt to watch now but don’t bank on the Caps staying in a funk for too much longer.