Ryan on trade speculation: “It’s been a nightmare”


PHT’s Matt Reitz was at Anaheim’s gameday skate in advance of tonight’s Ducks-Habs contest.

Following the skate, he spoke with the subject of the NHL’s hottest trade rumor — Bobby Ryan.

Here’s the transcript.

Ryan [addressing media]: Trades are part of the business. If it happens, it happens.

ProHockeyTalk: Does it weigh on you when you’re trying to prepare?

Ryan: I’m sure it will. It has in the past couple days — it’s been a nightmare. But once you come to the rink and you’re on the ice, you can kind of put all that beside you. You just play. That’s one of the pure things about hockey. Once you’re out there, the game is just a game.

PHT: Have any teammates talked to you about the rumors?

Ryan: Not really. I think everybody is just treading lightly around it and trying not to focus on it. I think everybody is treading lightly in general, because it’s obviously the nature of the game and where we’re at right now and the things that have gone on in the last month. Nobody’s susceptible, everybody can certainly be traded at this time of year.

PHT: Have you spoken with [Ducks GM Bob] Murray?

Ryah: I haven’t, no. Not specifically about it, no not really. Not yet.