Tuesday Tire Pump: Pavel Datsyuk


Every Tuesday at PHT, we’ll pump a player’s tire. Because every player likes it when nice things are said about them.

This week’s tire pumpee: Pavel Datsyuk, Detroit Red Wings

Datsyuk took a lot of heat while the Wings struggled through a six-game losing streak in late October and early November. And he didn’t play a whole lot better when the team started winning.

When asked two weeks ago how he was doing, Datsyuk said, “Awful. I don’t have anything. I need more be productive, need more shoot, need more be dangerous. Need more be dangerous.”

Datsyuk has more be better lately. More be much better.

In his last five games – all Detroit wins – Datsyuk has eight points while compiling a plus-5 rating.

“He’s playing real well, making plays, hanging on to the puck, dangling guys,” said defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom Friday after the Wings beat Boston, 3-2 in a shootout.

“It’s fun to see him play like that.”

Pavel Datsyuk, everyone.