@PaulinaGretzky is no more


The only surprising part is that Wayne Gretzky didn’t step in sooner.

Alas, the Great One finally put his foot down, demanding his 22-year-old daughter, Paulina, shut down her Twitter account and stop posting racy photos of herself.

At least, that’s how we imagine it went down. There’s also the strong possibility Wayne broke down and begged his daughter to knock it off. Maybe even bribed her with a new car or pony.

“Having a nice sit down dinner with my dad about social media,” read her last tweet before @PaulinaGretzky was no more.

I suppose the only thing left to do now is for somebody to make one of those “I Will Remember You” tribute videos with a slideshow of her greatest Twitter pics. That would be really heartwarming.

(Seriously, if somebody could do that.)