Regehr back tonight for Buffalo; Kaleta and Stafford possible too


The Sabres’ injury woes are slowly going away. The Buffalo News reports that Robyn Regehr will be back in the lineup tonight for the Sabres and Drew Stafford and Patrick Kaleta just might be joining him as well.

As Mike Harrington reports, Regehr’s main concern was that he had a concussion thanks to a hit in the Sabres’ embarrassing loss to Columbus. As for Stafford and Kaleta returning, Stafford could sure use a boost in finding his offense while Kaleta will look to get back to being the super pest that he is.

It was just over the weekend the Sabres had nine starting players out of the lineup and getting these three back will be a nice lift. With Ryan Miller taking shots this week that’ll be even better for Buffalo. The Sabres are just happy to know that when people tell them that “this too shall pass” it actually comes true.