Dan Carcillo got his own radio show

Starting on Dec. 2, Chicago Blackhawks tough guy Dan Carcillo will host a new show on WGN Radio entitled “The Bomb Shelter.”

Yes, this is happening.

The one-hour program focuses on “Carcillo’s love of all kinds of music featuring song clips, musical history, personal anecdotes, special guests and more.” The debut show will feature Carcillo interviewing his father, Gino, about how his family emigrated from Italy to Canada, and feature some Italian music.

I assume the episode will end with a Carcillo mandolin duet.

Aside from weaving his family’s rich ethnic tapestry, the show will also feature Carcillo rocking out with his *tongue* out. A noted fan of Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, My Morning Jacket, The Black Keys, Bob Dylan, Arcade Fire, CCR, The Doors, Nirvana and the Rolling Stones, The Bomb Shelter promises to be the on-air embodiment of a freshman dorm room. (Minus the coffee table made out of a skateboard and two cinder blocks.)

“Daniel is such an interesting, multi-faceted person and this show will be a great way for fans to see a completely different side of his personality,” said Tom Langmyer, WGN Radio’s vice president & general manager, who worked with Carcillo in developing the show. “He’s a natural in the studio and his love of music, radio, playing drums, learning guitar and exploring Chicago will really connect with listeners.”

In closing, here’s an audio clip of Carcillo discussing Michael Jackson. Now there’s a sentence I never saw myself writing.

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