Uh oh: Kari Lehtonen leaves game with leg injury

The Dallas Stars survived their five-game losing streak, but their recent run of injuries might just do them in. Brenden Morrow is banged up. They’re without a much-needed blueline catalyst in Alex Goligoski. Trevor Daley is being evaluated at the moment and role player Adam Burish is on the shelf. Those injuries might pale in comparison to the one that happened tonight, though.

Workhorse goalie Kari Lehtonen won’t be back during Saturday’s game against the Phoenix Coyotes after suffering a lower-body injury that might just be a groin problem. Defending Big D explained that Lehtonen went down after “stretching out in a split-legged position,” which makes me think that a groin pull or tear could be the issue. (An Associated Press report reveals that it might be a right knee injury. Either way, it’s a big part of him making saves, so hopefully it’s a short-term thing.)

The fact that Lehtonen was playing both games in a back-to-back set that included travel shows how much the Stars lean on their goalie. Such an injury is a worry with just about any netminder, but for someone with a history of problems like Lehtonen, the concerns double. Throw that on top of the fact that the Stars are losing players at a near Buffalo Sabres-like pace and things could get a little dicey in Dallas.

Hopefully this is just a minor problem, though. Keep an eye on PHT for updates.

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