Just kidding: Maple Leafs not for sale after all

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Remember when the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Fund was set to sell off their 79.5% stake in the Toronto Maple Leafs? You can forget all about that now, they’re hanging on to what they’ve got.

Tara Perkins of The Globe And Mail out of Toronto reports that the Teachers’ Fund isn’t going to sell off their stake in Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment after doing months of research as to whether or not they should. As it turns out, selling something that works as a virtual license to print money in Canada isn’t the best business decision around.

All this means now is that status quo exists in Toronto and there’s no reason to think anything is going to change at the executive level with the Leafs. This might prove disappointing to anyone hoping to see a huge ownership change-borne shakeup with one of the NHL’s cornerstone franchises.

Of course, if you’re looking to keep up with potential executive level fun like that, we suggest following the Coyotes saga or what’s going on in New Jersey to fulfill your corporate raider needs.