Fight night in Buffalo: Don’t poke the bear


There were plenty of fireworks in the first period of the Bruins vs. Sabres game in Buffalo. As expected, Milan Lucic was confronted the first time he stepped on the ice by the Sabres to atone for running Ryan Miller 11 days ago. Oh, but the two teams were just getting started. About halfway through the opening stanza, Paul Guastad took a run at Bruins pest Brad Marchand behind Boston’s net. Instead of turning the other cheek—the Bruins team responded the way you’d expect the Bruins react: violently.

As NESN’s Jack Edwards said during the melee: “Don’t poke the bear.”

At some point, the Sabres probably realized the best way to retaliate with the Bruins is to put the puck in the net when the Bruins take penalties. Two power play goals in the first 20 minutes should help drive that point home for the Buffaslugs. Two fights, two power play goals, passion all over the ice and excitement pulsing through the arena.

Feels like playoff hockey in November, doesn’t it?