Matt Lombardi has a dislocated shoulder, might need surgery

Toronto is apparently not allowed to enjoy hockey at any time. The number of injuries they’ve been having to deal with of late is stunning and now James Mirtle of the Globe And Mail finds out that Matt Lombardi has a dislocated shoulder that may require surgery.

Mirtle’s report says that Lombardi’s injury would keep him out of action for several months, meanwhile the Leafs are saying that he’ll be out at least three weeks. Look at it as one of those “glass half-full/half-empty” sorts of things. The Leafs have managed to stay cryptic about many of their injury reports, in particular to goalie James Reimer.

Lombardi’s diagnosis, however, comes with the bright side that at least he’s not dealing with another concussion. It’s a small silver lining there, but it’s something. Lombardi had been playing well on the Leafs’ third line this season. Now they’ll have to hope he can get back in time for a shot at the playoffs later in the season.

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