Putin plays hockey, finds buyer for CSKA


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin played hockey Friday evening in Moscow, adding yet another edgy activity to a resume that already includes judo, motorcycle riding and shooting darts at whales.

Here’s ITN’s report on Putin’s skate with CSKA Moscow:

As you can see, Putin isn’t the greatest hockey player, but he sure finds himself wide open in front of the net a lot. Can’t believe nobody took the lumber to him.

Putin was also successful in his attempt to convince Rosneft, Russia’s biggest oil firm, to take over CSKA.

“We started looking around, brought in our energy firms, agreed with Rosneft that they must, no, may support the ice hockey club,” Putin said, as reported by Reuters.

Notice how he checked himself there? “Rosneft must give money to CSKA. Sorry, not must. May.”

“Ah, who’s kidding who? They must.”