Claude Julien keeps on trolling the Sabres about Ryan Miller


You’d think the heated words between the Bruins and Sabres would cool off after a couple of days. You’d be horribly wrong of course. After Bruins practice this morning as the team tunes up for their battle with New Jersey tonight, Claude Julien was asked again about the hit Milan Lucic delivered to Ryan Miller that saw Lucic escape a league suspension.

Julien made sure Buffalo knew that Lucic means business when he wants to.

“I know for a fact if Milan had really wanted to hit him then he wouldn’t have gotten up. That speaks for itself.”

As Joe Haggerty of noted, Julien referred to the play as a collision and not a hit. Splitting hairs perhaps, but that’s the line in the sand that was drawn for the play involving Sidney Crosby and David Steckel during the Winter Classic as well. How many more overdramatic situations can we get pulled into this now?

Whether you choose to believe Lucic’s play on Miller was just part of the game or something of ill intent is up to you to decide. What’s curious though is that with all this nonsense talk going back and forth between the two sides is that we haven’t seen the NHL step in to ruin the fun with a gag order.

It’s happened before when Brian Burke and Kevin Lowe were busy sniping each other in quotes and with these two teams having a game coming up next week, cooling things off might be in the league’s best interests.