Versus crew slams Buffalo’s response to hit on Miller

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Brendan Shanahan voiced his disapproval of the Buffalo Sabres’ verbal response to Milan Lucic’s hit on Ryan Miller, but what about the lack of in-game reaction? Keith Jones and Mike Milbury were all over the Sabres for their tepid response to a run on their goalie, both immediately after the check and as the game goes along.

If you ask me, the most interesting part of the video is the old footage, though. Jones rolls a clip that stretches back to 1987, when the (gasp) Sabres angrily responded to Bob Probert taking a shot at Tom Barrasso. A lot has been made about Buffalo’s lack of “personnel” to bring “justice” to Lucic, but the clip features an ingenious response to that line of reasoning. After all, Probert ranks as one of the most featured enforcers of all-time, so if you can respond to him, couldn’t you do the same to Lucic?

(Not saying it’s the exact same situation, but this is interesting food for thought …)

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