GMs will discuss Tampa Bay’s 1-3-1 at meetings


Before the hockey world was riveted by the Milan Lucic-Ryan Miller fallout, the hot topic was the staring (and stalling) contest regarding Guy Boucher’s 1-3-1 “trap.” The league’s general managers are likely to discuss that “patient” system as they meet for the first time this season, according to Dan Rosen of

Some might believe that part of the meeting will become a showdown between Philadelphia Flyers GM Paul Holmgren and Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman. That could be true to some extent, although Holmgren stated that he didn’t have a problem with the strategy and Yzerman said he “thinks it’s worthy of discussion.” Of course, things might be a little different behind closed doors, though …

Ultimately, I hope that the general managers follow the words of Pittsburgh Penguins GM Paul Shero:

“I talked to our coaching staff and some of our players about it, what they thought, and really I’m not exactly [sure] what can be done about any defensive or forechecking system,” Shero said. “The game is the game. If there are some great ideas I’m all ears. We’ll see what comes out of it.”