Forget Paul Gaustad, where was Tyler Myers?


Buffalo forward Paul Gaustad said he was “embarrassed” the Sabres didn’t punish Milan Lucic for running Sabres goalie Ryan Miller yesterday in Boston. And he was right to be. It was…embarrassing. Gaustad didn’t even try to get after Lucic. He stood there hugging Nathan Horton.


That’s Gaustad (No. 28) on the far right. Not exactly the response a team should get from one of its only tough(ish) forwards after its franchise goalie gets intentionally bowled over.

To his credit, Gaustad (6′ 5″, 212 lbs.) put the blame on his own shoulders: “It falls on myself. I look at myself first, and I wasn’t good enough.”

The one Sabre I noticed, however, was Tyler Myers. By far the biggest Buffalo player pussyfooted into the scrum, went through the motions with Lucic and stopped looking angry as soon as the linesmen got between them.

“I think all of us can agree, we probably could have gone a little harder in responding to it,” Myers said.

Yeah, probably.

One of the knocks on Myers is he doesn’t play nasty enough for a guy his size. This only enforced that reputation.

Myers might never be Chris Pronger or Zdeno Chara in temperament, but come on, your goalie’s lying on the ice with his helmet knocked off. Try acting like it bothers you.

Everyone ripped the Canucks for letting Brad Marchand give Daniel Sedin a few jabs in the face. Those little pokes wouldn’t have hurt a five-year-old. This was a hundred times worse.

The Sabres host the Bruins in 10 days. Will the Sabres respond? I’d be shocked if they didn’t.