Coburn has modified no-trade clause


If the Flyers ever want to trade newly signed defenseman Braydon Coburn, they’ll likely be limited to a certain number of teams they can talk to.

The Philadelphia Daily News is reporting that Coburn has a modified no-trade clause attached to his four-year, $18-million deal that kicks in next season.

No specifics were provided, but you know how these things work – if the Flyers want to shop Coburn they’ll ask him to submit a list of X teams he’s willing to go to, or X teams he refuses to go to, or maybe there’s a window of time in which he can be traded or not traded…really, whatever they negotiate.

I don’t see the Flyers trading Coburn anyway. Not with Chris Pronger, 37, and Kimmo Timonen, 36, getting on in years. Pronger’s signed until 2016-17, but the last two years were tacked on with a peanuts salary (relatively speaking) to bring the cap hit down.