Twitter Thursday: Steve Stamkos likes Caesars


This feature profiles an NHLer that’s making noise on the Twitter machine.

Tampa Bay Lightning center Steve Stamkos conducted a fun, interactive Q&A session with his Twitter followers today. It was one of those great moments in social media where fans got to interact with their sporting hero with unfiltered access…all while using hashtags to promote Tissot, a Swiss watch manufacturer and proud member of the Swatch Group!


From what I can gather, #TissotTimeOut is an initiative where Tissot’s athlete ambassadors conduct Q&As with fans (Danica Patrick has also done one.) It’s not like I have a problem with subliminal advertising or anything — try smoking Camel Lights — in fact, I’m glad Stamkos took the opportunity to open up.

If he didn’t, we never would’ve learned that…

— His superstitious routine before games is to take a two-hour nap.

— His favorite home-cooked and pregame meal is Chicken Parmesan.

— He stays in shape by eating a lot of organic food and drinking protein shakes.

— His favorite movie is Remember the Titans.

— If he could be any animal, he’d be a Cheetah.

The best, though, was learning about his favorite drink:


Ignoring the fact there’s someone on Twitter called  “retarded news”, let’s focus on the Caesar.

I’ve yet to understand why the Caesar isn’t more popular in America — and no, the Bloody Mary is not the same thing — because in terms of popular Canadian beverages, it’s up there with water. I’m not kidding. There was a big party when the Caesar turned 40 and there’s even a Canadian Caesar School.

(We’re odd people.)

Anyway, you’ve now got a solid conversation starter should you ever meet Stamkos in public. The Caeser is the perfect ice-breaker…assuming you find a bar that actually serves them.

If not, you could always try buying him a Mojito. They’re also good.