Reimer should be back soon, says agent

Leafs fans, rejoice – James Reimer should be playing hockey in no time.

Reimer’s agent, Ray Petkau, told TSN that Reimer (concussion symptoms…but not a concussion) passed his baseline testing “with flying colors.”

Presumably that’s a good thing and not, “He got off the couch and saw flying colors.”

Petkau also gave the franchise a vote of confidence for the way it’s handled the young goalie’s injury.

“We are 100 per cent confident the Leafs are handling this situation well and that includes James, his family and all involved,” he said.

I gather the “his family” part was in response to Mother Reimer’s earlier comments.

There’s still no timetable set for his return. (Tired of reading that sentence yet, hockey fans?)

The Leafs are in St. Louis tonight. They host Ottawa and Phoenix on Saturday and Tuesday, respectively.

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