It’s up to Jared Boll to save the Blue Jackets

The days of fretting over a miserable record can be put to rest in Columbus. Fear not Blue Jackets fans, Jared Boll is back in the lineup after missing the start of the season with a broken thumb.

If you’re not catching on to the sarcasm, please feel free to replace the batteries in your sarcasm detectors. The Jackets could use a touch of Boll’s toughness, but that’s not going to help them keep opponents from scoring and it’s not going to help get Jeff Carter back in the game any sooner either.

The Blue Jackets will be resorting to being a bit more defensive-minded now that they’re sitting with a 2-11-1 record, good for worst in the NHL. Those gloomy days are over now, Boll is back in town… Right?

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