All-American superhero Joe Pavelski helps find a lost dog


Joe Pavelski is a guy that everyone can like. He shined for America in the Olympics, he’s always the clutch guy for the San Jose Sharks, and now he’s even going to help you find your lost dog.

Such is the case for a little dog name Cocoa that was lost and away from her home. As’s Kevin Kurz finds out, Pavelski was more than happy to help the little guy find his way back to his owner¬†with some assistance from his own dog, his wife, and their babysitter.

Pavelski’s dog had a surprise visitor when running around their backyard and it turned out to be the same dog that was on a missing poster given to their babysitter just a few days before that. Sure enough, they called the number on the flyer and Cocoa and their owner were reunited.

If a story like that isn’t cute enough and cool enough to warm up your heart this morning, I don’t know what to tell you. If you’d like to see adorable photos of the dog and of Joe Pavelski and his wife with the happy little guy, checking out the dog owner’s blog is where you’ll get your “Awwww!” for the day.

And now for Joe Pavelski’s next trick he’ll either save a kitten from a fire or just win the Sharks the Stanley Cup, both would be truly miraculous occurrences.