When victory songs go wrong: Nashville rockin’ Lionel Richie

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Professional teams having a victory song is nothing new. It’s one of those things that happen in euphoric locker rooms and end up taking on a life of its own throughout the long season. But the Predators are taking this to a whole new level.

It came out today that the Nashville Predators have adopted Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long” as their unofficial anthem. (Quick history lesson: If you’re under the age of 30, Lionel Richie was a pop singer who made his mark with The Commodores and ended up going solo.) Not exactly the most inspiring stuff here.

We can see it now: On Saturday, October 22, an incident occurred after a game between the Nashville Predators and Buffalo Sabres. Just after the 60:00 minute mark, locker room DJ (read: iPod shuffle master) Jerred Smithson played “All Night Long” from his iPod after a Preds victory.

Since he has no prior history, we here at PHT will simple mock him relentlessly. Unfortunately, there’s no truth to the rumor that Smithson wanted to use Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” on grounds that the Detroit Red Wings have already played that song into the ground.

The Predators awful taste in music got us wondering. What are some of the worst possible songs for a team to use as their victory song? “Whoomp! There it is” and that Lou Vega song are pretty awful. Anything from Bruce Willis, Eddie Murphy, or any other 80’s actor is equally bad. But what is the absolute WORST song possible?