Daniel Paille will see ‘specialists’ after taking puck to face

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In another scary scene, Boston Bruins forward Daniel Paille collapsed to the ice after a Steven Staois slap shot struck in him in the face. It was natural to think the worst after seeing Paille bleed on the ice, but it sounds like the puck didn’t hit him the eye. This is a case that cannot be blamed on visors, either, as cameras caught a shot of Paille’s bloodied shield.

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We’ll keep an eye out for more information as it comes along, but CSNNE.com’s Joe Haggerty passes along word from Claude Julien that Paille will meet with “specialists” after that puck hit him in the nose (or at least the face). Patrice Bergeron guessed that Paille has a broken nose, which Milan Lucic said “looks like [his] now.”

Hopefully the early reports are correct that it’s “only” a broken nose or something similar.