Why can’t the Kings score?

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Before the season started, the Los Angeles Kings were on the short list of teams that were expected to compete for the Stanley Cup. The problem is that to win the Stanley Cup, a team must win games. To win games, a team must score goals. Herein lies the problem.

After being shut out by the Oilers last night, the Kings find themselves in the midst of a three-game losing streak. The reason is simple: they can’t score. Justin Williams summed it up quite nicely with reporters this afternoon after practice: “Obviously last night was just — let me think of a nice word — it just simply wasn’t good enough offensively.” That’s a refrain that could have been repeated after plenty of Kings games this season—they’re one of the worst offense teams in the league in the early going.

The explanations this afternoon were just as bad as the results last night. Justin Williams says that they should activate their talented defenseman more often. Head coach Terry Murray says they need to get some “greasy” goals. Mike Richards says they just need to stay the course and be more consistent. They only thing they agree on is that there’s a problem.

To sum up: the team has no idea what they need to do to get out of their scoring slump. The worst part is that all three guys are probably right—which means there might not be a quick fix for the problem.

It’s a problem that’s been around all season. With the exception of a couple five-goal outbursts, they’ve struggled to put the puck in the net all season. It was an issue that was pushed to the backburner because the team was still winning when the defense and Jonathan Quick were playing so well. But now that Quick has come back to Earth, the scoring problem is front-and-center for the Kings.

They’ll have an opportunity to find their offensive game tomorrow night against the Penguins (a team that has about 79 injures on the blueline). Hey, things could be worse: just imagine how bad things would be if they didn’t have someone like Anze Kopitar filling the stat sheet every night?