Video: PHT talks Patrick Kaleta suspension


Brough and I were on NBC Sportstalk yesterday with Russ Thaler (who you can follow on Twitter @russthaler) discussing the four-game suspension Brendan Shanahan handed to Patrick Kaleta for his headbutt on Philly’s Jakub Voracek.

This provided an excellent opportunity say “serial headbutter” on live television:

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

For the second show in a row, one of us managed to cut Russ off mid-sentence. We’ve got a real streak going here!

As for Kaleta, he spoke to the Buffalo News today about his suspension.

“Obviously, disappointing I can’t be out there with my teammates,” he said. “I was going for the puck. I was trying to push the guy off the puck…sometimes you have setbacks, but you can’t let it slow you down.”

Okay sure, I’ll buy that. Kaleta was trying to push the guy off the puck…WITH HIS HEAD. Someone should tell him the explanation would have more legitimacy if he hadn’t been caught on video (twice!) doing the same thing before.