Where does headbutting fall on Shanahan’s punishment list? We’ll find out soon


Patrick Kaleta will be hearing from Brendan Shanahan today and with his prior history it won’t likely turn out well for him.

Kaleta is getting talked to by the league thanks to his headbutting incident with Philly’s Jakub Voracek during last night’s 3-2 Flyers win. If you’re thinking that headbutts are rare, they’re nothing new for Kaleta. Last season Kaleta was fined by the NHL for attempting to headbutt Travis Zajac.

You can see video of the apparent headbutt here from the NHL’s website.

With Shanahan bringing in a new heavy hand for action, Kaleta could be looking at a short vacation for his actions on Voracek.¬†Kaleta also has a suspension history with the NHL. Shanahan has enough material in Kaleta’s past to work with here to take action if he sees fit. Headbutting is a no-no on a few different levels.