Twitter Thursday: Carbomb is fired up for Movember

This feature profiles an NHLer that’s making noise on the Twitter machine.

We’ve profiled Dan Carcillo’s Twitter account (@CarBombBoom13) on PHT before, but never in the Twitter Thursday feature. Today, that changes.

The National Hockey League is three days deep into November and for most players, that means the early onset of moustachio. Yes, it’s Movember — the annual month-long moustache growing event that serves as a charity drive for men’s health — and there might not be a bigger Movember enthusiast than Carcillo:





For clarification purposes:

— @MRichie_10 is Mike Richards.

— @BizNasty2point0 is Raffi Torres’ sworn enemy, Paul Bissonnette.

— @88PKane is Patrick Kane, aka “Biebs.”

In closing, Dan Carcillo really likes Movember.

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