Alfredsson feeling effects of concussion

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Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson isn’t feeling so good after taking a Wojtek Wolski hit to the head Saturday against the Rangers.

“It’s OK. Not great. It’s the first time I’ve had a concussion and it feels different,” said Alfredsson, as reported by the Ottawa Sun. “I haven’t really had any headaches, which is good, but I still have symptoms. I haven’t done any exercise since Saturday.”

Alfredsson, 38, has no idea when he’ll be able to play again and is struggling with dizziness and light-headedness.

When asked about the NHL’s decision not to suspend Wolski, Alfredsson said he understood it, although he didn’t “totally agree” with it. He also shouldered some of the blame for the play.

“I could have avoided it if I’m more aware,” said Alfredsson. “It’s always the responsibility of the player.”

Personally I think Alfie’s being too hard on himself. That was a sneaky dirty play by Wolski and I was surprised Brendan Shanahan let it go.