Does Marty still have it? Brodeur did on this astounding save

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Before that young whipper snapper* Tim Thomas came along and started making about 100 unorthodox highlight reel saves per year, Martin Brodeur ranked as one of the great goalie outcasts. In a field of vanilla butterfly guys (OK, Patrick Roy was too nutty to be vanilla, but work with me here … ), Brodeur did things his own way.

Sure, he isn’t an impressionistic painting in goalie pads like Dominik Hasek was, but Brodeur’s style still ranks as decidedly different. Maybe he lost about 10 mph on his fastball during the last few seasons, but the video above shows that he can still make us drop our jaws.

It didn’t win the Devils the game and Phil Kessel still pumped up his points totals with two assists, but that clip should at least give the world some hope that Marty isn’t done just yet.

* Wait, Thomas is only two years younger than Brodeur? (Mind explodes.)