Crosby won’t be ducking contact once he’s back

If you’re worried Sidney Crosby’s going to be a different player once he finally returns from a concussion, don’t be. Crosby spoke with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review yesterday and promised he won’t be changing his game whatsoever.

“It’s going to take a little bit to get my timing, but my approach is going to be the same,” Crosby said. “I’m going to be the player I’ve always been. That’s my goal. That’s why it’s important that I’m 100 percent when I do come back. I’m going to get hit again. I know that. That’s part of how I play. And hopefully, I’m going to give hits more than I take.”

Crosby’s been hit before. Like here:

And here:

But to his credit, he hasn’t made a habit of putting himself in vulnerable positions (unless you consider skating within five feet of David Steckel to be vulnerable.)

“Knock on wood, I’ve been OK at that to this point in my career,” Crosby said. “If I ever get caught with my head down in the middle of the ice, I’m going to pay for it. And that’s true whether I had a concussion prior to that or not. If I’m in a dangerous area like that, that’s my fault. Hopefully, that will be second nature for me, like it’s always been.”

Still no word on when Crosby will suit up for the Penguins again. The following Friday (Nov. 11) at home to Dallas is everyone’s best bet. Once we find out for sure, you’ll be the first to know.

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