Brendan Shanahan goes in-depth on suspensions with NHL Live

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(Note: Things get especially interesting around the 5:15 mark of this video.)

Make no mistake about it, there are some players who are confused about the new disciplinary measures being instituted by Brendan Shanahan. That group includes Mike Fisher, who was baffled by the decision not to suspend Francois Beauchemin, the guy who injured him with an open-ice hit.

Give Shanahan credit for attempting to be transparent, but the video highlights a slight concern (beyond the improper pronunciation of Wojtek Wolski – apparently it’s VOY-tek VOL-skee). My worry is that there’s an excessive dependence on reputation, which at times almost borders on amateur mind reading.

Shanny draws from his experience playing against Chris Neil along with Wolski’s lack of a history as a dirty hitter as part partial explanations for why they didn’t face suspensions. There’s definitely some sound logic behind that, but it hints at dangerous assumptions – and to conspiracy theorists, maybe even cronyism.

Ultimately, the NHL is going in the right direction and it should probably be expected that there will be some growing pains. How are you feeling about the changes so far?