Mike Danton is upset with the author of his tell-all book


The Lost Dream is a book written by the Toronto Sun’s Steve Simmons on the life of former NHL player Mike Danton, who spent five years in prison for conspiracy to commit murder. The book details the bizarre relationship between Danton and his former agent, David Frost, and the circumstances which led to Danton hiring a hitman to allegedly kill Frost.

The word “allegedly” is important because to this day, neither Danton nor Frost will confirm Frost was the intended target. That information is important contextually, given what Danton tweeted at Simmons earlier:


The Lost Dream leans heavily on interviews and anecdotes from most of Danton’s estranged family, the Jeffersons (Danton changed his surname after being drafted by the New Jersey Devils.) This might explain the series of follow-up tweets between Danton and an Ontario-area TV reporter:


Not sure why Danton picked this particular time to open up a can of worms. He’s worked his way back to playing professional hockey (currently with IFK Ore of Swedish Division 1) and the book has been out for over a month. It’s also not as if Simmons’ work was the first bit of coverage the incident received.

Perhaps it’s an effort to drum up bids on Danton’s game-worn jersey, available on eBay now.

Update: Simmons has responded to Danton via Twitter…