Dan Carcillo has Brendan Shanahan calling on line one


If you were wondering when a player with an actually questionable history was going to be talked to by Brendan Shanahan for running afoul of the law, you can stop wondering.

Chicago’s Dan Carcillo had a questionable hit on Carolina’s Joni Pitkanen during last night’s 3-0 Carolina win that’s earned him a meeting with Shanahan to discuss a potential suspension. The hit was reminiscent of the hit Alex Ovechkin had on Brian Campbell two years ago that knocked Campbell out of business for a few weeks. It wasn’t so much a check as it was a shove from behind that put Pitkanen in peril.

As we see in the video… Sorry, got caught up in my Shanahan impression there. As we’ve seen in the preseason, these sorts of plays are being taken just as serious as shots to the head are, and with good reason. Plays like that from behind injure players just as badly as an errant elbow could. Carcillo’s play, however, wasn’t enough to earn a penalty in the game for it, so he’s got that working in his favor.

Shana-ban on the way, however? You just never know.