LeBrun: Kyle Turris officially wants to be traded

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Apparently Kyle Turris and his agent Kurt Overhardt were getting tired of hearing the speculation and rumors about what’s going on with their lack of negotiations with the Coyotes. ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun hears from Overhardt that his client does indeed want to be traded out of Phoenix.

While that revelation may not be that big of a surprise given the contention between both sides in their talks, the most curious part of what Overhardt shared with LeBrun was that their talks were never about money.  Instead, Overhardt says it’s been about allowing Turris to be able to move forward in his career in Phoenix.

In his time in Phoenix over parts of three seasons, Turris has averaged just over 12 minutes per game in ice time. It’s tough to move your career ahead when you don’t play. You also have to earn the ice time as well and that’s a struggle he’s had under Dave Tippett in Phoenix.

Coyotes GM Don Maloney has been adamant that he will not trade Turris and that if he doesn’t like it, he can sit and pout about it, mostly because he has no choice in the matter. Turris is a restricted free agent and under Coyotes control no matter what. Unless a team tried to sign Turris to an offer sheet, the Coyotes don’t have to make a move at all. Turris, meanwhile, has until December 1 to get signed or else he sits out for the year.

What was an ugly situation already just got escalated into a game of chicken. The catch here being that Turris and Overhardt are playing it against a tree and not another car. Unless Maloney is thoroughly blown away by a trade offer, it’s hard to see him budging on this situation.