Those pesky Kyle Turris trade rumors just won’t go away


Guess what? Kyle Turris still isn’t signed by the Phoenix Coyotes. Stunning news, we know, as the restricted free agent continues to believe he’s worth a ton of money after not really making his mark on the league.

Coyotes GM Don Maloney reiterated his stand to Fox Sports Arizona last night, saying he won’t be trading Turris because he feels that Turris will be a key player for them in the future and that they’d like to get him back with the team so he can show he’s worth what he thinks he’s worth. (Update: Check out the video here from FS-Arizona)

That seems reasonable enough, even though Turris isn’t exactly being reasonable with his demands. While Maloney swears he won’t be dealing the kid, that’s apparently not stopping teams from pursuing a deal. Calgary Sun beat man Eric Francis says there are six teams in the hunt for Turris, with the Flames amongst them, and they’ve all made “significant” offers for the restricted free agent.

If Maloney wants to be rid of the headache of dealing with Turris and his agent Kurt Overhardt, he’s apparently got a few options to make it happen. Turris has until December 1 to get a deal signed with anyone or else he won’t be allowed to play at all this year. Without teams to pressure with an offer sheet and Turris’ apparent lack of care about signing in Phoenix, this dance very well could keep going for a few more weeks.