Jacques Martin cares not for your wishes to fire him


Jacques Martin is having a rough go of it in Montreal lately. With the Canadiens having just one win so far this year and one of the worst records in the NHL, the call to have Martin fired from fans in Montreal has been growing louder to the point you can’t ignore the voice of the populous. With a battered defensive unit and a team that can’t score goals, things are bad in Montreal.

Well, you can ignore it if you’re Jacques Martin as he’s got better things to do like trying to figure out how to help his team string together some wins. How noble of him.

“I don’t listen to the radio or watch TV or read the newspapers,” Martin said Tuesday. “After 26, 27 years at this level, I’ve been through this before.

“To me it’s just every day getting better and making sure the team’s ready for (the next) game.”

He’s certainly been through this before in previous coaching stints in Ottawa and Florida. They say you’re not really an NHL coach until you get fired so in that respect, Martin is very well renowned as a coach. Until the wins come, the chatter will continue to burn through Montreal like a… You know what, you already have the punchline to that joke ready to fly, so just run with it.

With a game against Philly up next tonight as well as a home-and-home set with the hated Bruins, if things don’t get fixed fast, Martin might not make it to November.