Watch Robyn Regehr rock Vincent Lecavalier

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As NBC’s Pierre McGuire mentions in the video, Vincent Lecavalier hasn’t seen much of Robyn Regehr since Tampa met Calgary in the 2004 Stanley Cup final. And that was probably just fine with Vinny. Regehr absolutely smokes him into the boards on this hit, but kudos to the Lightning captain for getting up and skating it off.

(For those wondering about a response, Ryan Malone went after Regehr about four minutes later. Both received roughing minors.)

Regehr’s had a solid, if understated, start to his time in Buffalo. Paired with former Calder Trophy winner Tyler Myers on defense, Regehr’s had a calming influence on his young partner after a tough sophomore campaign last year. Myers is at plus-2 on the year, no small feat for a guy that went minus-10 last October.

As for Lecavalier — he doesn’t appear to be any worse for wear and is still taking regular shifts.