Randy Carlyle wants everybody in the boardroom in 15 minutes

There was a business-like vibe floating around Anaheim Ducks practice this morning. Prior to the players taking the ice, head coach Randy Carlyle conducted more meetings than the regional manager of a paper supply company.

According to NHL.com, Carlyle held a pre-practice meeting with the Ducks defensemen. Then he held a meeting with the forwards. Then, just for good measure, he had a team meeting.

“I met with the two groups and we just went over some of the things that have been transpiring in the last couple games,” said Carlyle. “Some of the things are things that ail us as a hockey club and we won’t have a chance for success unless we correct them. That’s just a matter of fact.”

The Ducks have lost two straight and have not looked good doing so. Carlyle said his team was “not ready to play” in Friday’s 3-1 loss to Dallas and pulled starting goalie Jonas Hiller in Sunday’s 5-4 loss to Phoenix. The coach didn’t blame his netminder entirely for the loss — saying lazy play and poor defense in front of Hiller contributed to the poor performance — but did say backup Dan Ellis could get a start sometime soon.

Think Carlyle will have a goalies-only meeting prior to tonight’s contest? It would seem appropriate.

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