Is James Wisniewski Columbus’ savior? They’d better hope so

James Wisniewski hasn’t been able to play for his new team in Columbus yet this season. Tonight, he’ll get his chance to finally, officially suit up as a Columbus Blue Jacket after serving an eight-game suspension.

Instead of re-joining the team under happy circumstances, he shows up on the scene with the team being winless and looking hopeless. After all, with how things went in Columbus’ last game, a gut-wrenching 4-3 loss to Ottawa, that’s about as close to rock bottom as a team can get this early in the year.

Wisniewski comes in with Rick Nash and Vaclav Prospal being the only two consistent scorers. On defense, Aaron Johnson is the guy leading the way for Columbus and when you hear things like that (no offense, Aaron) but that’s a really bad sign for a team. Wisniewski may not be a guy with an all-star résumé, but he’s the best they’ve got in Columbus and right now they desperately need him back.

Wisniewski’s feisty play and ability to spark his team’s offense give the Blue Jackets that hope for some life out of this down-in-the-dumps team. The Jackets need that edge added to the lineup, but they have to hope Wisniewski stays off of Brendan Shanahan’s radar the rest of the way. Who knows how harsh the punishment will be if goes afoul of the law again.

For now, the Jackets just want Wiz to be their semi-savior for now.

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