Tonight’s scary sight: Chris Pronger leaves ice in hurry after high-stick


In a haunting moment, Chris Pronger left the ice immediately after getting caught with Mikhail Grabovski’s high stick tonight. The Philadelphia Flyers defenseman clearly screamed after the stick caught him somewhere in the face, which was especially scary considering how tough Pronger is.

Some might throw around the word “karma” around, but the rest of us will hope that Pronger didn’t take that stick to one of his eyes. Flyers fans were angry that Grabovski didn’t receive a penalty on the play, but it happened on the follow-through on a puck, which explains why there was no call.

The Flyers were magnets for errant Toronto Maple Leafs’ sticks in the first period. The game started with Claude Giroux receiving the business end of a stick while former Flyers player Joffrey Lupul received a double-minor for opening up Matt Read’s face with another high stick later on in the opening frame.

We’ll keep an eye on Pronger’s situation, which hopefully won’t end up being an eye injury. Update: TSN’s Bob McKenzie reports that Pronger is seeing an eye specialist, but no other details have emerged.

It might be tough to watch, but here’s footage of that gruesome moment. The Flyers haven’t given a concrete update about the situation, only stating that he won’t return to the game.