Trouble with Sharks: Devils’ Jacob Josefson breaks his clavicle

Devils youngster Jacob Josefson might want to avoid playing the Sharks the next time they’re on the schedule. Josefson broke his clavicle after a head-first slide into the end boards during the first period of the New Jersey’s match-up with San Jose. Josefson was an emerging player for the Devils this season and, while being healthy, was looking to find his way.

Last season, Josefson tore a ligament in his right thumb against the Sharks knocking him out of commission for the bulk of last season. This year, he was getting his shot at playing center full-time but now he’ll once again wind up on the shelf.

Now we’ll wonder if Josefson will get the willies when he hears the theme from “Jaws.” Having that much bad fortune against the Sharks makes him the Devils’ version of Chief Brody.

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