Tim Erixon gets the Eric Lindros treatment in Calgary


Usually when you hear of a player getting “Lindros’d” it means they got crushed going through open ice with their head down. This time it means hearing boos from the fans of the team that drafted you and then had to trade you away. It takes a special brand of circumstances to make that kind of hateful magic happen and Rangers defenseman Tim Erixon pulled it off in Calgary last night.

When you get drafted by the hometown team and refuse to sign with them forcing the team to trade you, the natives will let you hear it and boy did they in Calgary. Erixon, in typical fashion for a player in that kind of spot, shrugged it off saying he had nothing against the City of Calgary and if the fans felt the need to boo him, that’s up to them.

Erixon’s contract negotiations with Calgary weren’t exactly the circus sideshow that Eric Lindros’ were with Quebec before they had to deal him to Philadelphia, but for fans that doesn’t matter at all. Hey, at least Flames fans didn’t show up to the game with comically oversized pacifiers and posters of Erixon as a crying baby. That would’ve been awkward.