Sibling Rivalry: Stewart brothers meet tonight in St. Louis

Stewart vs. Stewart — the matchup that’s been a long time coming.

Chris (younger, of the St. Louis Blues) and Anthony (older, of the Carolina Hurricanes) will finally hit an NHL ice surface together tonight at the Scottrade Center. There have been opportunities in the past — once when Chris was in Colorado and Anthony in Florida, later when Chris was with the Avs and Anthony the Thrashers — but injuries and lineup decisions always kept it from happening.

“The hockey gods didn’t want us playing against each other,” Anthony told “It’s exciting to go out there and see some of the good things he [Chris] is doing firsthand. The main thing is getting two points, but it’s exciting nonetheless.”

Siblings playing against each other in the same NHL contest is rare, but not unheard of. This preseason, three sets of brothers played against each other (on the same night, no less.) Of course, that was the preseason. This is the regular season, with two points on the line and all the other cliches about how every game is vital in the standings.

So for the sake of the Stewart family, let’s hope Chris and Anthony don’t end up like Keith and Wayne Primeau did when they met in 1997 (as members of the Whalers and Sabres, respectively.)


This wasn’t a good situation for anyone — the brothers were really upset about the incident and vowed to never let it happen again. Heck, Poor Keith had to call his parents right after the game to apologize. But that’s what happens when you whale on your kid brother. What might seem fun at the time is less enjoyable when explaining yourself to mom and dad.

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