Columnist rips into Canucks fans with open letter


Look, we know there’s been a lot of Roberto Luongo news on PHT lately. Just so we’re clear, this won’t turn into a Canucks blog just because Mike and I are from Vancouver. Believe me. We love writing about the rest of the league. You all support very interesting teams.

That said, I’d like to direct you to a column written by’s Mark Spector. It’s one of those open letters to a specific fan base that always cause a stir. You know the kind of I’m talking about. “Dear Flyers fans: You have no class, stop swearing so much, blah, blah, blah…”

This one’s to Vancouver hockey fans, and it doesn’t mess around. Here’s a sampling:

Dear Canucks fan,

From the sounds emanating from inside Rogers Arena of late, we were wondering: When did you give birth? We hadn’t even known of your pregnancy, but yet we keep hearing the sounds of crying babies.

Please excuse our inattentiveness to your ever-growing needs. We’ll start shopping for a gift immediately.

What’s that? The baby needs a new goaltender?

Well, sure … But we thought you already had a Canadian Olympic team starter, complete with the Vezina and Jennings dress-up bundle. Can’t we just send along the camper? Or the puppy waterpark set?

Spector goes on to rip the fan base for its “everyone’s out to get us” attitude. My words, not his. (His words are much meaner.)

He also essentially accuses Canucks fans of having no clue what they’re talking about before ridiculing the newspaper editorial we wrote about earlier today that called for Roberto Luongo to be traded for Vincent LeCavalier.

It’s a real doozy. You should read it.