New York Rangers are racking up frequent flyer miles like crazy

The Rangers’ schedule hasn’t exactly been one for guys that enjoy being at home. From starting their season in Europe to not playing their first home game until next week, the Rangers have been the road warriors of the early season. Sure they had a game on Long Island against the Islanders, but that proved to be the Isles’ coming out party in a 4-2 win on Saturday.

While that was a small taste of being close to home, the Rangers’ travels are that more like a piece of lost mail than that of a pro sports team. Andrew Gross of Rangers Rants totaled up their travels starting from their last preseason game in North America in Philadelphia on September 26 up until when they come back home from their swing through western Canada on October 25.

What does the Rangers world tour break down to? 16,032 miles.

Let’s just hope that they’re putting those frequent flyer miles to good use and not blowing them on trips to John Tortorella’s swear jar or to visit Sean Avery in Hartford. We’re sure Rangers fans aren’t happy about the 0-1-2 start to the season but let’s cut them a little slack before they step on home ice this year.

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