“Wear and tear” will prevent Martin Brodeur from playing Saturday

Martin Brodeur will miss Saturday’s game due to a minor shoulder injury. Brodeur used to be the ultimate workhorse, but he’s not afraid to admit that things are a little different now that he’s 39 years old.

“I think it’s normal,” Brodeur told The Bergen Post. “It’s the wear and tear of a hockey player. It’s just you don’t get it when you’re 21 years old because you only played for a little bit. You play so many games and you get in a position where it is what it is. It’s unfortunate, but that’s why you have younger players playing the game at a different level. When you get older it gets a little harder. I’d love to play without injury. I did for a long time. If it’s only these little things, I’ll take it. It’s no big deal.”

He’s right, missing a game here and there because father time is catching up with him isn’t a big deal. After all, he’s dealt with more serious injuries than this over the previous three seasons. However, this comes on the backdrop of Brodeur playing through the last season on his six-year contract with the New Jersey Devils. It’s much too early to say if Brodeur will play beyond this season, but at the same time, this is another remainder of the obvious: Brodeur’s storied career is inching towards its conclusion. Enjoy Brodeur while you can, because once he’s gone, it might be a while before anyone matches his accomplishments.

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