Shane Doan has never gotten a hat trick, yet he’s just one goal shy of 300

Shane Doan is just one goal shy of 300 despite the fact that, as the points out, he’s never gotten a hat trick in his career. Just how odd is that? Well, if he reaches the 300 career goal milestone without getting a hat trick, he and Scott Mellanby will be the only players in NHL history to pull off that feat. Which raises the question: if he gets a hat trick in the same game that he scores his 300th goal, does the record still count?

“Now it’s to the point where if I get a hat trick, I might wind up losing a record, right?” Doan mused. “It’s weird, and it really used to bother me. Going back 100 or 150 goals, I would get two and I was thinking, ‘Hey, this is awful, why can’t I get a hat trick?’ Now, it’s more fun to be unique.”

If he likes being unique, then he should appreciate how weird it is that he might get his 300th career goal in his first game against the new Winnipeg Jets. Doan was drafted in 1995 by the original Winnipeg Jets and stuck with the franchise when they relocated to Phoenix. The new Jets will take on the former Jets in the Coyotes’ home opener on Saturday.

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