Mark Messier plans to run in New York marathon for charity


Mark Messier went on quite a journey from being a 17 year old in the WHA to a star in Edmonton and a savior for the Rangers. He’ll travel a long distance in a more literal way on Nov. 6, when he participates in the New York City Marathon.

Rather than hiring a trainer, Messier is apparently going the trial and error route. He decided to take on the challenge after turning 50, but the best part of that goal is that Messier will run for charity. The two charities that will benefit are: the New York Police & Fire Widow’s and Children’s Benefit Fund and Tomorrows Children’s Fund.

Messier told Joe Battaglia that he didn’t train like a runner during his playing days, so this is a new challenge. Hopefully the former New York Rangers captain will be able to bridge the gap between running 19 miles and the 26.2 he’ll need to complete in early November, though.

“I felt like I could never take another step the rest of my life,” he said, adding that he was pleased with how quickly he recovered. “My feet were sore, killing me. Every bone in my body ached.”

Sounds a lot like how he probably felt on a special night in 1994.

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